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Thematic tours in the Netherlands

You'll get the chance to experience what the Netherlands is like with a different perspective. We will seek to find the answers for questions such as: "What is traditional Trappist beer like? How do 7 million blooming flowers in a single garden look like? Is the moon really made of cheese?" We offer guided tours by car to different towns and various landscape of the Netherlands through various themes. Heritage, legend, history, culture and art complimented by a gastronomic touch which I am sharing with those who want to know more, and go beyond the main-stream touristic experience.  
Let's set-off together to find the Flying Dutchman, be part of the adventure! 


Goede dag! [hgudö dahg]
Good Day !
My name Suzy Szabo

Let's explore Netherland together!

Travelling is part of my everyday life because travelling is good! For decades I’ve always organised vacations for smaller or bigger parts of the family, subsequently I did a tour guide course, which allowed me to professionalise in my ambition of organising trips. Since then my children have grown up, they live in Hungary, and I live with my partner in the middle of The Netherlands, in Europe’s biggest village, named after the thorn of the apple. We are passionate explorers who, for years, have been discovering interesting cities and exiting landscape in this country too. The Netherlands with a different perspective, come and join us for our road trips according to your taste! Tot ziens! Viszontlátásra!

The secret of a brewery

Let's wander together in the prince's forest, let's be amazed by the 97m tall, most beautiful Brabant Gothic tower in the Netherlands, in the city where Polish Mathyrs rest in peace.

Then let's be on our way to the Netherlands one and only Trappist Brewery. Even though that Dutchmen like their everyday pint of beer and consume an average annual 77,5 litres of it, surprisingly the the country only boasts a single traditional Trappist Brewery.

According to the agenda we will listen to a monks introduction, followed by a tasting of the different varieties. Finally we are guided through the brewery for a jolly stroll to explore the secrets of this delicate handcraft process. 

Conquering the sea

We'll go and discover together the streets of a romantic folk village museum. We will stroll through the streets to discover and take pictures of the wonderful and colorful buildings of an oil-, a paint-, a saw-, and a mustard mill. During the second part of the programme we will experience an architectural world wonder when we travel across a 43 km long dyke? While we stare at the powers of mother nature's incredible creation, the North Sea.

Unique Dutch villages

During the first half of the day we visit a Hanza town which was founded in the 8th century by a Saxon Monk. This town served as the centre of education in medieval Holland, while we can also find the Netherland's oldest brick house, scientific library and park here too. This town also hosts Europe's biggest book fair organised on the first week of August each year.

After this comes the most adventurous part of the programme, we go boat riding on the narrow  zigzagged canals amongst reed-roofed houses. Later we visit a legendary fishing town where we see with our own eyes how modern day fishermans life is like.

Dutch cheese

Already in medieval times the Dutch Kingdom's biggest export product was cheese. Nowadays 750 million kilograms of cheese is produced every year. In the Netherlands there live cheeseheads and there was even a cheese war in the past. Let's visit a traditional cheese market and let's discover the taste of unique Dutch cheeses.

Your age only matters if you're cheese!

Life in the amusement park

The atmosphere is and was wonderful and fairytale-like in medievil Netherlands. Let's take a journal together to the exciting fantasy land of fairytales! In the programme the world of the mystical medieval appears before our eyes, while in the second part of the tour, we explore the world of fairytales like we imagined it as little children. This is a day of time travel for both kids and parents!

The world of Dutch Castels

We discover the discreet charm of the Dutch aristicracy, where we enjoy the characteristics of the lowlands architecture and the richness of Dutch castles' interior.

They say that aristocrates only have difficulty at birth! 

Splendid Dutch atmosphere

Amongst the dunes we discover an art-deco relay station dating from the early 20th century. It was inevitable that the Netherlands keeps a tight tie with its colonies such as Indonesia, therefore this sole station played a key role. Then let's visit the summer palace of Dutch monarchs! The residence is not far from Europe's largest monkey park, where the animals freely play around infront of the visitors. The program includes visiting the park. 

Dutch flower cavalcade

During the tour we will witness a wonderful colour cavalcade of flowers, where we can admire the thousands of varieties of tulips, and even see of a proffesional 21st century flower auction. This day is fully devoted to the world famous Dutch flower culture. Don't miss out on this unique experience!

Be part of these unique experiences!


I also offer tailor-made tours in the Netherlands to suit individuals' needs, according to your taste. Because we all know, that everybody likes things differently and is interested in different things.

Prices start from €150 (which includes travel and guide costs)

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